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Employment Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Work Camping at Castaways. There are a few things we would like to make clear about work camping, but the main one is that work camping is WORK first; Camping later. We have found that many work campers are unaware of the demands of a destination Campground such as Castaways. They may have worked in a smaller mom and pop park and are not ready to face the demands of a high end, highly visited park. Castaways is a beautiful Campground located on the Sinepuxent Bay overlooking Assateague Island. We are the closest campground to Ocean City MD-one of the most visited Beach Resorts on the East Coast. We have 378 full hookup sites that stay full for the entire season. We can have as many as 200 check in’s in one day-making it a little crazy to say the least.

Our number one goal is customer service. We cannot stress this enough-when it comes to work camping at Castaways, the priority must be the campground and it’s guests first-leisure time second. When work camping at Castaways, we ask that you understand what you are signing up for-and what you are not. You are signing up to work in a great place with a great staff. You are signing up to put the needs of the park as top priority for the summer. We ask that you be ready to work with the entire staff as a team and refrain from the kind of behaviors that can detract from the family atmosphere that we enjoy among our staff. You will be asked to be as friendly and accommodating on the last hour of your shift as you were on the first and that you always treat the customers with respect and concern for their needs-even if you do not agree with them. We make no bones about it-we ask A LOT of our staff, both day commuters and work campers alike. You may be asked to do something that you feel is not in your “Job Description.” This is why we make sure all staff-management included-understands that your Job description is to do whatever it takes to make Castaways one of the top destination parks in the Nation. We earned this distinction in 2012 and we are aiming even higher in 2013. In order to do this, it takes staff who take ownership in the park and it’s success.

We hope the list of Frequently Asked Questions below will help you to determine if you would like to take the next step and complete an Application for Employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours must I work for my site?

Married couples who work camp as a team are asked to work 20 hours EACH for their site-a total of 40 hours per week. Single campers work 30 hours per week for their site. Any hours worked above and beyond the required hours are paid in a payroll check at our current rate of $9 per hour.

May I choose my site?

The work camper sites are chosen and assigned by our office manager and are scattered throughout the park. This allows us to have a work camper presence in each section of the campground. We do not permit work campers in Club Castaways and Island Oasis. These are high demand areas and we do not have the luxury of assigning these to work campers.

What utilities are included with my site?

Your site includes your site, CATV, water, sewer, and wireless internet service. The electric is 110, 30, and 50 AMP-the electric service is not part of your site and MUST be turned into your personal name before you can occupy the site. You will be billed monthly by the electric company for your electric usage.

How large is my site?

Most work camper sites can accommodate up to a 45 ft RV. There is a stone RV pad and a grassy area with a picnic table and fire ring.

What type of Rig must I have in order to Work camp at Castaways?

Work Campers may live in any size RV or motor home; however, we do not allow Work Campers in Pop ups or tents. We do not feel these meet the needs of a long term camper as is required when work camping.

May my family come to visit?

You are more than welcome to have family visit, but there are stipulations. No one may come and stay for more than a week and you are NEVER permitted to have more than (6) people on your site at any one time. Family members MUST be immediate family meaning children, spouses, parents, or siblings. Any extended family members are asked to book a site of their own. When you have family in town, you are expected to do you job as usual and not “Stop by” your site for frequent visits and conversation.

What hours will I work?

Once we are in full swing, the park staff keeps hours around the clock. We have night security and night bath hours shifts which run all night long. We also have evening and day shifts for maintenance, house-keeping, camp hosts, bus drivers, store clerks, reservations, activity staff, and grounds keeping. Day shift is anywhere from 8am to 4pm, evening shift anywhere from 2pm to 12am, and overnight any-where from 10pm to 6am. You will be asked your shift preference, but you will not always be guaranteed that you will ONLY work that shift.

If we work camp as a couple, will we have the same hours and same days off?

Typically, the answer to this question is, “No.” As stated in on our opening page, the number one priority when scheduling staff is the NEEDS OF THE CAMPGROUND. We try to yield to shift requests when presented, but we cannot and will not guarantee certain days and certain hours. We simply cannot do this and run the park effectively.

What are some typical Work Camper chores?

These are as varied and can include any of the following: grounds keeping, week eating, grass cutting, bath house cleaning, pool maintenance, camp hosting, security duty, bus driving (if CDL driver with Passenger Endorsement), reservations clerk, concierge attendant, store clerk, activity staff, pool attendant, grounds and bath house monitor, security deposit check ins and check outs on rental units, trash pickup, and overall campground maintenance. When and if you complete an application for employment, you will be asked about preferences and special skills. Again, we try to schedule according to preferences, but our staff is asked to do anything needed to keep our guests happy.

What dates should we plan to arrive and depart?

The majority of our work campers arrive NO LATER than Memorial day weekend and typically work through Labor Day Weekend. A few may be asked to stay through Delmarva Bike Week, but we usually depend on local staff for this late September week.

Are we permitted to have a shed on site?

Sheds are not permitted, Worcester County no longer permits on site sheds.

Does the campground maintain my site?

No, all work campers are responsible for keeping their site clear of debris and the grass cut and weed whacked. You are permitted to borrow our push mower and weed eater, but they must be returned in the condition in which they were borrowed.

What am I permitted to have on my site?

You are permitted your RV unit, and a shade structure. A patio set or hammock is also allowed. Nothing else is permitted other than the picnic table and fire ring that were provided when you arrived.

I am on Social Security and am only permitted to work a certain number of hours. Is my spouse able to take my extra hours as pay on their check?

NO-this is an illegal practice and we do not make such agreements.

How often do we receive a pay check?

Our pay periods are every two weeks on a Friday. All checks are ready by 4 PM and handed out this time or later.

May I bring my Pet(s) during my time as a Work Camper?

Castaways is extremely pet friendly. We allow two pets per site-but they may not be exotic in nature. Dogs and Cats MUST have a current Rabies vaccination and proof of such must be received by the office before you may occupy your site. You may not keep them tied up outside without supervision. Also, keep in mind that all Work Campers must obey Campground Rules, thus not excessive barking is permitted. Finally, Rottweiler’s, Pit Bulls, and Dobermans are prohibited breeds that are not permitted on site.

Do I receive Discounts if my family wants to come book a site?

Yes, but there are limitations. All family members in RV Rentals and Cabins are still required to pay the Security Deposit. Discounts are for IMMEDIATE FAMILY ONLY-THIS MEANS A BLOOD RELATIVE WHO IS ONE of THE FOLLOWING: SON, DAUGHTER, MOTHER, FATHER, OR SIBLING. Discounts will not apply to anyone outside this description. Discounts are directly be tied to number of years worked. For instance, a first year employee will receive 10%, and second year employee 20% and anyone three years or more will be at 30%. We appreciate and reward longevity-and this is one of the ways we do this. This will be off the base fee only-or off the Cottage or RV Rental. All extra charges for extra people, vehicles etc will not be discounted. During Peak Season-Memorial Day, June 15 to Labor Day any employee discounts must be during the week-NO WEEKEND DISCOUNTS WILL BE PERMITTED. Additionally, if total available occupancy is 5% or less, we cannot employee discounts to be used for a stay. With this small amount of sites left-all sites must be left for customers paying full price. Any employee found abusing the discount by applying it to persons outside the Immediate Family parameters stated above will lose their employee discount privileges. All employee guests are required to abide by all campground rules and regulations. This includes dog breeds, noise violations, etc. A reminder that store and deli discounts apply to EMPLOYEES ONLY. Please do not abuse this privilege by buying items for others using your employee discount. This will result in your discount being lost.

What do we do if you have pre-arranged plans?

If you have made or will be making plans that will take you away from work-you MUST let us know at the time of your job interview. At that time, it will be determined if Castaways can work around your schedule. Any specific days off after being hired must be submitted and approved. We ask that these requests be kept to a minimum as we schedule based on what was given to us at the time of hiring.